Monday, April 23, 2007


What are we now, chopped liver?


Why haven't we updated this, Kazza?

Dave adds: "For my part, is it because I don't exist?"

Hrumph. A fine admission.

Dinky adds: "Or is it because my account got erased by this blasted new 'Google' Blogger system. They really should have stuck with FORTRAN, if you ask me. (I arguably also don't exist either - at least in the sentient sense - but that excuse appears to have gone already.)"

But do they ask you, Dinky? Are these 19 or 20 posts the extent of our genius?

Or is it because we've been dead for years?

Is this our sleepy, unfrequented tomb? Is that the extant of our genius? (Oh damn, apparently extant isn't a noun.)

Dave protests: "It hardly seems fair to die without ever having lived."

Or have I just completely run out of ideas?

Well that probably doesn't matter anymore, because we finally have that digital camera! Prepare for an endless stream of cat/baby/Tommy's first day at school/"soccer" match photos!

(Is this what the tomb looked like during the 19th century?)

Clearly you need your own domain so you don't have to deal with blogger.
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